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    Summit Crafts wish you Happy Chinese New Year

    Feb 08,2018 - the year of dog summit crafts dog statue dog figures

    Chinese horoscopes are based on the Chinese lunar calendar.Chinese New Year Day changes every year in the western calendar .There are 12 zodiac signs represented by animals,and every year there is a different one.After twelve years, the cycle repeats itself.

    2018 is the year of DOG. Different animal sign with different meanings.Similar to western horoscopes,many people believe the Chinese animal signs decide what your character will be like and can influence your decisions.So Dogs are loyal friends

    dog year animal sign

    In this upcoming new Chinese year ,our Summit Crafts will still be your best loyal supplier and providing consistent high quality and integrity resin crafts and export service.

    Let’s see what we create that with dog elements:

    Well,living in the year of dog ,then all types of dog figures are a must buy , with Summit Crafts’ delicate craftsmanship, we have launched a rich series of 3D vivid real look dog figure model,including popular dog breeds such as golden retriever,french bulldog, British Bulldog,pugs,border collie,Chihuahua,German shepherd,poodle etc.

    dog figure

    And since everybody is looking for fortune , a money bank ,coin saving box is also a good item for your house, we produce all types of money bank /piggy bank /coin bank in dog shape .

    How can we missed vintage style ? We also have this antique crown black dog statue ,with this well body line and antique look, the full house is with warm and retro feeling .

    antique dog statue

    To be a contrast, imagine putting a modern stylish Greyhound statue with life size in your living room, isn’t it a unique and nice ? It can make you a cool corner in you house .This greyhound is 77cm H, so that give you shock and eye catching effect.

    life size Greyhound statue 77cm

    In china,dog also means good luck and wealth, so putting a welcome dog statue next to your door will be a good idea, every one get into your house is with this cute dog’s good blessing.

    dog welcome statue

    There are still many other great idea for dog year ‘s home decor ,summit crafts will be always there for you to give you best decor accessory and arts and crafts.